Saturday, February 03, 2007

Whose Chin Are You In?

It's the battle of the long pointed chin. Since America loves actresses who has chins that can cut blocks of cheese in half, I have come up with two of the chinniest stars of Hollywood.
So what do these stars have in common? Let me count the ways:
  • Both do not exactly fit the bill of "beauty" by Hollywood standards. Reese kinda looks like a caricature version of herself, while Jennifer Aniston somehow looks kinda "manly" with her strong Greek features.
  • Both are well loved by fans for their American Sweetheart image. Both are famous because a lot of Americans can actually identify with them and think they are more approachable compared with real beauties e.g. Angelina Jolie and me...
  • Both are divorced or atleast on the process of it.
  • Both have soooooooooper dooooooooper goodlooking ex-husbands. Brad Pitt and Ryan Phillipe.
  • Both are very successfull in their acting careers. One in television and the other in the movies.
  • Both have CHINS that can kill an orphan. Or if in case they'd succumb to suicide, all they have to do is just bow their heads down in one swift motion and their chins would come lunging in; piercing their hearts in the process. Kidding.

So the battle of the chins has begun. Whose chin are you in? Who carries their sharp chins well?

This is the Philippines version of the chinniest celebrity. Enjoy!

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