Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ewww Fashion: Dior Ready To Wear/Pret-A-PorterFall/Winter 200-2008

I don't wanna say I'm an expert in fashion, nor in creativity in general. But what I do know is that is that I can actually determine what is pleasing to the eye and what is not. What is beautiful and practical and what is just plain absurd and ugly.

Here is the Ready To Wear Collection of Dior by John Galliano.

Keep in mind that it is READY TO WEAR. Uhm one question, ready to wear where? To Battle Star Galactica? To the Martian Jungle if there is any, or go trodding the hills--which are alive with the sound of music. Tiptoe ala prima ballerina in the Chinese rice terraces perhaps? Let me count the ways:
Clothes that Galiano designed that will surely send the PETA people to insanity. Fur, pelt and exotic skin galore! I'm pretty sure the PETA people are cutting themselves by now one painful part at a time.

Now, the clothes that are just plain ugly and absurd.

This is Dior's take on a Parisian mademoiselle that somehow magically becomes an Asian rice peddler/prostitute that again, magically was able to afford a crocodile and fur galore ensemble. Nevermind that she's wearing sky high platforms on a muddy Asian street.

A dress that your 5 year old kid can make out of folding papers. Origami anyone? NOT water resistant btw.
Fugly shoes. Look at the heels, please look at the heels! I don't know but it looks like a vibrator made from exotic skin! That would hurt!

But of course there are dresses that are actually WEARABLE and might even look good on humans.

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