Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jenna Jameson Is That You?

I know she is a superstar. And ANYONE, who can make himself/herself a superstar, in whatever form or reason gains my respect. Jenna Jameson, made a name for herself as a pornographic artist. And even though she became popular by exposing every inch of skin, every strand of hair and every hole in her body, she made a career out of it, didn't step on anyone in the process and became an expert in what she does and most importantly, earned BIG bucks in the process. Now that is something.
But what I don't understand is that, why oh why do you have to uglify yourself in the process. I mean, look at Jenna Jameson, if you don't know her at all, would you think she is the Greatest Pornstar that ever lived by looking at this photo? The fake tan, the weave, the boobs and the lips that seem to be permanently puckered up. Is it a vain symbolic attempt to tell everyone that her vagina is still intact and plump after all those years of use and abuse? Since well, the vag is the "2nd lips" right? Oh well, maybe it is just my crazy idea, but look at her, I mean LOOK AT HER. She's all dried up and pruned, she actually looked King Tuts mummified remain in a yellow dress. Oh well, maybe, you cant have it all.
Boinking HOT STUDS every waking, working day isn't so bad though. I'm actually thinking of big career change. Hahahaha! Joke.

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