Friday, February 09, 2007

Ola Senorita Drew Barrymore!

I don't know about you but I'm really liking Drew Barrymore's dress here. I mean the silhoutte is simple and classic, but the print on the lower part of the hem is very interesting. Somehow with her classic updo and hot senorita make up, she looks like a very curvy and sexy flamenco dancer...very pretty indeed.

I'm just not too keen with the tons of gold jewelry she's wearing. I mean, can she really move her hands with all those gold in her arms? It's a wonder she was able to lift up her hands to emulate the kitschy Beyonce poses with such heavy accessories. (Btw, leave the posing stuff to Beyonce). It would have been better if she just wore one large chunky gold bracelet instead of the buffet of gold rush she donned.
If she was not Drew Barrymore, I could have mistaken her for a pretty gold merchant or a walking PAWNSHOP even .

Aside form that I can honestly say that she looks HOT. Not Paris Hilton "that's hot".

But Hot Hot!!

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