Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2007 Academy Awards Special:Cameron Diaz

The Queen Of Napkins strikes again! Cameron Diaz, who is obviously still not over with her break up with Justin Timberlake and as a symbolic response to the pain she's is still obviously suffering, Cammy chose to wear yet, another version of the ever-reliable paper towel, but now of the table napkin version. If you could remember, only a few weeks ago, she wore the same disturbingly-themed bathroom tissue fiasco, that apparently made Valentino, the designer, a whopping 80 thousand dollars richer for that drugstore staple of a dress. Talk about business!

Her dress which was ill fitting btw, and looked like it was about to be stalked by a troop of hot iron any moment now, obviously didn't have the time to straighten out the dress, making it look like a slightly-used table napkin. Good thing the Oscars didn't have dinner during the show, Cameron, out of sheer desperation might actual try and offer herself to be the portable, walking napkin for everyone. All she has to do is just lay in her knees and let that flapping table napkin on her neckline wipe whatever remained from the scrumptious dinner. Very benevolent Cammy.

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