Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grammy Awards Special 2007: Shakira

Yes, I didn't finish the Grammy's because staying infront of the boob tube for 4 straight hours is too much for me. But I heard, and read from the news that Shakira rocked the house with her sensual performance. And like ScarJo, I also like Shakira because she is extra ordinary in her field of expertise. Just like Paris, she is also extraordinary in the porn industry, and Nicole Richie, who also excels in numbing herself of hunger not to mention her head is also extraordinarily large for her body frame.

I lurve Shakira and much as I tried imitating her moves in the "Whenever' Wherever...whatever" video, i can't seem to emulate that fluid belly dance that she so sexily did back during her Laundry days. Yes, her album "Laundry Service". (I still can't understand why it was titled that way.)

But when I saw her hair in these photos, I was orally-fixated.

I muttered "Surely Shakira's hips don't lie, but her HAIR has no shame!"

I mean her hair is LARGE. Large and CHAOTIC.

Do small insects live there? Are there any species in that forest still unknown to human?

We will never know.

It will remain a complete mystery to human kind, but one thing is for sure though, It looked itchy from where I'm sitting. Shouldn't her song be " Hips don't LICE"?

Just a suggestion.

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