Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kate Moss, The Fashion World's Great Mystery

All the world knows Kate is beautiful, and the camera ADORES her. Her little imperfections only sums up to a very sensual and attractive image. Her wonky eyes, her slightly crooked front teeth and of course her legs that seemed she just spent her childhood riding a carabao. Yes, she is BOWLEGGED. Just like Xtina Aguilera, they have legs that looks like a giant orifice.

But again, aside from the obvious that she's getting older, and her coke-induced lifestyle, not to mention her boyfriend who is narcotics-personified is takilng it's toll on her. She looks kinda old right? And why oh why did she have to wear something that made her look like agiant unfurled umbrella? Is it raining outside? Or is she auditioning for Swan Lake but this time the whole production will be dressed in black?

I wouldn't know. You wouldn't know. There are a lot weird things going on inside the mind of a style icon with a personal life as organized as the stars in the universe.

I mean who in their right mind would date a guy like THIS?!



What is wrong with all these girls? Is it fashionable for a beautiful, successful girl to waste her time on a lesser known, destruction-in-flesh-boyfriend??

I give up.


Anonymous said...

the guy with the dirty nails...ewwwwww!!!

Anonymous said...

That is her boyfriend Pete Doherty. Yes. Ewww.