Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fergie Wants You To Shoot Her

Yeah right, shoot my here, right here, where I won't feel anything and just fall flat on the ground. I can't take it anymore, I can't take the pain and suffering that you people inflicted on me. WHY WHY!!! What did I do wrong to you? All I did was to make good music and wear ridiculous clothes and grind my hips like there's no tomorrow!

I admit! YES! I pee-ed on my pants! Happy now??!! I just thought I needed to give my all, my best for that performance because I so wanted to be the next Gwen Stefani!

But you people are so hating me I can't take it anymore! You called me zillions of ugly names I cant even recall what my real name is! You are just jealous because my sugar pie, honey cuddler Josh Duhamel is so inlove with me! But that too can't stop me from feeling this way so SHOOT ME! Right here! Right now! NOW! NOW!

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