Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hugh Hefner Will Marry Holly!

Let's all celebrate and give thanks coz Hugh Hefner is finally marrying Holly (whoever she is). Marrying the playboy tycoon is every proud parents dream come true for their doting little girls. Aside of course from the hefty amount of money she will be getting, let's not forget the never-ending sexual marathon Mr. Hefner can provide (cough cough). Who could resist marrying a guy who is just barely in his early 100's, with a skin of a chewed, tastless gum and a fashion sense of an octogenarian sailor on crystal meth. I would be wearing my best corset get up that will squeeze my boobs to unbelievable proportions, just like Holly if I was offered marriage by this HOT bachelor.

Holly: Hey Maria! Send in the wheelchair here you bitch, I'm already beside the pool! Did you put him to sleep?! Good! Now help me push push PUSH!!!

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