Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Need Your Help!!!

Ei guys, can I ask a giant favor from you? I mean I've just started this blog like mid-November and I've been getting a lot of good and bad feedbacks. Well I'm still happy coz good or bad feedback is still a feedback. Atleast you find something here that you either rave or rant about.

And for you guys who always keep on coming back for my unprofessional and very very bad writing, I thank you, steelerblogger from Colorado, you my dear reader from Benguet, Addition Hills, The one from China, the guy from Procter and Gamble from AOL...even the guy from the Presidential Office...those people that I so often see coming back to be traumatized by my bad writing. THANK YOU.

Now one favor from you guys.

Can you help me spread the word about my little blog? I mean it would be so much fun and inspiring to write fun stuff if there are a lot of crazy people reading it. You could tell them about my blog thru email, thru your own blog and maybe we could link each others blog so we can help one another and be one big happy blogging family!

You could also email me personally at and give me suggestions and stuff that you would want me to write about or ANY negative comment so I could improve on my bad writing and humour that i know SUCKS big time! I promise I'll write back! I swear I'm willing to trade my first born child! Joke!

Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon okay? I'm begging you... hahahaha!

Much love,
Gurl next Door


stumbler said...

why don't you use some blog tools to promote your blog.

mybloglog is ok, you can check out the others yourself.
Hope this helps :)

girl-next-door said...

thenk you stumbler, i'll do that!

Steelerblogger said...

Keep it coming. I have to get my daily laugh somehow. I have been passing along your blog to all my friends. Happy Blogging.

girl next door said...

thanks steelerblogger! dont worry im not about to stop blogging anytime soon! good day!

Anonymous said...

i just happen to open your blog and i really like it. it's humorous! why'd you stop writing? last i've seen is from 2007? that's over a year ago?