Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paris Hilton Is Sweet And Modest

Paris Hilton is such a crazy girl. I mean after all the storage fiasco that is Parisexposed.com, here she is all sweet and sunshine stealing Belle's Disney ballgown. I mean after all the coke sniffed; racial slurs; nipples akimbo and virus galore, here she is smiling as she was the poster girl of virginity and modesty. Ewww.
Paris, that gown is not for you, it's for Dakota Fanning to wear on the Disney Parade. look at the bust line, it barely covered your nipple, but who cares right? I mean EVERYBODY saw your nipple already. Even Stevie Wonder must've seen it already.

So now you feel like you are Rapunzel? Okay the Beast is coming up and he's about to rip your skanky hair extensions for stealing Belle's wedding gown so you better get your little viruses up and about to defend you from the Beast's wrath! Atleast you can give him someting to share to Beauty in case they do make out after. Ewww.

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