Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Victoria Beckham Is Rich and Crazy

When you are rich, I mean filthy, Paris Hilton rich, like say, you have a husband that earns a whopping $250 million in 5 years (and hot btw). And you are currently shopping for a spanking new house in Los Angeles between a price range of 15-30 million dollars and the only job you are tasked to do is to shop and shop and shop till you drop, somehow it will get one to think, "Why the hell is she wearing her husbands tattered sweatshirt which prolly David used to wipe his-what else but "sweat".
It probablywas used to swipe his sweaty armpits, his sweaty inner thighs and probably, though I'm not sure, he also used it to wipe his feet dry after a heavy football match.
And why would you also try to wear your son's little denim trousers and make it appear that they are actually yours eventhough it's apparent that you looked a lil' "pained" in the crotch area.
One thing I learned from Mrs. Beckham is that, you can never be too rich or too thin to be too crazy.
Hell, if I'm that rich, I might as well be crazy and wear even my boyfriends soiled boxers!
Errr---I take that back!

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