Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aliens Are Indeed Among Us

Indeed, aliens are among us and their are wreaking havoc to visually impair us earthlings. Who knows, someday they might even eat our first born child and preserve their placentas for Thanksgiving. So before that happens, we have to join forces in destroying these aliens from Scientology.
We have to save the world from these aliens in disguise as Marc Anthony, who is actually SKELETOR. Jlo who is actually a monster with a fat ass who's wearing a satin bedsheet in the photo btw, Tom Cruise, who is actually the DEVIL in disguise, Katie Holmes who is in fact the chosen one to conceive...errr whatever.

I definitely think Mariah Carey is the only person who can vanquish these alien entities. I mean she can just go on top of the tallest building and shriek her lungs out till she drops dead. I'm pretty sure their heads will explode and turn their green blood black.

But course at the end, Mariah will perkily ressurect, fake boobs and extensions smiling for the camera on her right angle and everyone will live happily ever after.

My boss is pressuring me right now so I'm kinda writing nonsense hahaha!


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