Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ewww Bags: 2007 Louis Vuitton Collection

Either Marc Jacobs has been sniffing smoke from mosquito coils and burnt rubber slippers when he "designed" these bags. I mean, my 6 year-old niece made something just like these out of Cheetos foil wrappers with trashy beadings and it was a visual assault I tell you, even if I love that kid to death.

I'm so sure that a lot of fashion victims will wear these bags never mind the fact that they actually looked like some Chinese grandmother's out for a shopping spree at the wet market that I'll even put my vagina at stake.
I mean come on! Even if you don't know anything about designs, you're eyes can never lie! These are just plain BAG-LY and RIDICULOUS. Marc Jacobs single-handedly destroyed the School For The Special Children Handmade Accessories Bazaar in one single blow.

Assault yourself.

It looked like Marc Jacobs and his design team scoured the nearest denim factory and hired blind masseurs to stitch this monstrosity resulting in this denim mish-mash horror.

louis Vuitton again scoured vintage shops to buy old, torn and insect-infested LV's and again; hiring the good ol' blind masseur to stitch it all up never ind if it still has termites and ewww insects in it.

A bag made from old, dilapidated velvet sofa from an old woman's house. Never mind the miser owned 12 cats that frequently pooped on the couch. Ewww. Again, service from the blind masseur was utilized.

Buttons galore! What more can I say but EWWW.

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