Saturday, February 10, 2007

Resourceful Mischa Barton

Let it not be said that Mischa Barton is not resourceful. Why, who could ever thought that attaching your old, stained and yellowing bedroom curtain to your brassiere would be so fashionable? No one else but good ol' Mischa herself.
Mischa's fashion mantra is "If you are young, hot and pretty, you can get away with almost anything-even wear a dead rat for a hat will be sooo cool!" Thanks to her stylist, Rachel Zoe, the 35 year-old zombie, all she did was to gather the old curtain from Grandma's ancestral home and using industrial strength tape (which Lil' Kim found to be so useful in covering her privates) attach it to her bra and--poof-- off she goes to the party!
I'm not even the least worried if Mischa's character in the TV Show THE O.C. was prematurely killed-- why she can assume the position of hosting the Shabby Chic Show in case the host decides to retire in the future.
Fusing fashion with thrift finds will be sooo exciting don't you think? Bravo Mischa!

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