Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2007 Grammy Special; Ciara And Nelly Furtado

It seems Ciara and Nelly Furtado went to the wrong venue. They were supposed to go to the FOUR CONTINENTS FIGURE SKATING COMPETITION but they miraculously arrived at the Grammy's. They have been practicing for months to perfect their jumps, spins, step sequences, and other elements in their programs but got the surprise of their lives when they ended up at the awards show. Of course they would be doing the death spiral sequence, and hopefully, they don't end up doing that literally, since there was no ICE to SKATE at the Grammy's and they might end up like bowling balls to strike a pile of Grammy awards. Ooh, that will hurt!

Apparently, they were supposed to arrive with Oksana Baiul, but the latter chose to stay home since she forgot to wear her skirt.

She looks like a deranged and drugged playboy bunny who forgot to wear her furry costume and ended up looking like a tranny prostitute who was chased by cops during her romp thus explaining the lack of decent clothes.

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