Friday, February 09, 2007

Spice Girls Circa 2007

Time flies so fast.

The last time I remembered, I was so crazy for this pop girl group SPICE GIRLS that I swear I would trade my parents for a pair of their concert tickets. I would literally sell my soul to the devil just to have Baby Spice's sky high, fall-inducing platform boots, never mind if it'll break my achilles tendon on half so long as I could strut the street in this fashion fiasco of a shoes. Who cares! It was so "in" at that time! I lurve Baby Spice and of course Ginger especially her Union Jack dress.

Fast forward to the present.
Flop solo albums, several kids; booze, smoke and crystal meth not to mention different husbands after, let me present to you Baby Spice And Ginger Spice!
Now let me repeat that. Let me introduce to you... BABY BOOM SPICE and GRANDMA SPICE!

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Anonymous said...

why did BABY Spice aged so much? You are so right, she is baby spice no more...grandma spice is more apt.