Thursday, February 08, 2007

Children Beware Of Tyra!

Run little children run! Here comes the School Principal From Hell! I hear she eats little children for breakfast.
She looks about to devour your firstborn in her Deranged-And Drugged-School-Teacher-Meets-Wicked-Witch-Of-The-West outfit. Look at the boobs, I mean if her bosom looks like it's about to overflow anytime soon standing, what more if she is already sitting? It would probably explode and hurt the people around her.

I admire Tyra for being hardworking and very disciplined when it comes to work, but it wouldn't hurt if you could take a nap from time to time before attending a special occassion to prevent the look of someone who drank blood and slept in a coffin last night.

Also, has any one noticed that Tyra has very skinny legs for her frame or is it just me?

Anyway, keep your children away from her. She looks very,very hungry.

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