Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Weeps

Jennifer Lopez's movie Bordertown recently held a mini-screening at the Berlin Film festival. And while she was waiting for viewers to go jumping up and down in delight after the screening ended, something terrible, at least for her happened.

The audience BOOED her.

She jumped from the balcony of the theater after.

Haha that was a joke, but she was indeed booed, yes it's for real girls!

She wept after that. Here are the photos.

But I am not here to talk about the crying fiasco. I'm here to talk about how J lo looked in these photos. My Gawd she is OLD. Look at all those lines. Revel at her crow's feet and laugh lines! And the MAKE UP, it looked like a cake with icing galore left under the glaring light of the spotlight to melt.

Well, you'll get over that Jlo, just open your purse and give money to Scientology and you'll are going to be very happy...That's a Scientology promise.

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