Friday, February 02, 2007

Sadako On Crystal Meth

I don't know who's Carine Rotfield, but whoever she is one thing I'm sure though...she looked like a PLATYPUS ON CRYSTAL METH.

She seemed to say " Look at me, am I beautiful or what? Aren't you drawn by my sexiness? I'm pouting my thin lips so hard I can't even FEEL them anymore..."

She looked like she haven't had anything to eat except narcotics in chinese take-outs which was boldly exemplified through her choice of clothing. I mean who would dress up in a shirt with a caricature of herself drawn by that kid in THE RING but a deranged fashion victim. Why, she closely resembles a too tired SADAKO with hair style gone real bad.

I think she's a fashion icon of some sort or an artist but whatevs. Anyone who dresses up with some Japanese paper is a complete lunatic in my opinion. Dont you agree?

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