Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tarantu-Lash By Jlo

This album cover of Jennifer Lopez's (or is it Halle Berry's) latest Spanish Album showcased the mighty powers and wonders of Photoshop. She looked powdered, matte and 2 dimensional in this photo that she almost looked like a CGI generated animation of herself(think Final Fantasy, Polar Express). And oh, notice how abnormally small her ears are? Photoshop people you are so bad!!!

And notice those freaky, ghoulish-ly long eyelashes that looked like a pair of tarantula laying their eggs on her eyes.
I am also not loving the pineapple-inspired cuff bracelet.

Jlo seemed to say, "If I keep still in this position, then I would be forever young and lovely... ohhh but my nape is hurting so bad i think I'm having a stiff neck."


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