Friday, February 02, 2007

Beyonce: You Must Not Know 'Bout Me

Of course we all know that Beyonce' is a beautiful lady. She is also very talented. A good singer and a superb performer.
But there is something that is not right with her. Yes she is a disciplined artist and she obeys her parents like their the Mayan Gods when it comes to where her career would steer. Even the way she dresses up is dictated by her mom Tina. (hot pants anyone?)
She appears to be always on the edge to out-shine everyone. She has the obsession to wear the glitziest gowns (Gold Elie Saab gown she wore during the "you guessed it right" GOLDEN Globes). The largest, sparkliest jewelry; the most defined make-up and of course, the biggest perfect to the last strand coif nevermind if it's fake hair.
She is actually one step close to kitschiness. You know, the kind of style that you don't think about. It's right there, straight-in-your-face PRETTY.

A perfect example is the photo above. She looked like the alien diva who sang in the FIFTH ELEMENT MOVIE.

Are you getting my point? There is something terribly off with Beyonce. I didn't know what it was until I saw this photo below.

Beyonce is a MAN. A well-hung man.

Go Figure.

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