Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where Will Your Feet Lead You? To Crocs or Havaianas?

People who wear Crocs :

  • Haven't read a single fashion magazine in the last ten years.
  • Doesn't have a car. Who would want to be comfortable WALKING?
  • Doesn't have the money to buy other type of shoes.
  • Are color blind.
  • Most probably over 60 years old.
  • Doesn't care about foot fashion. Comfort is the key.
  • Has ugly, dirty toenails.
  • Has feet like an Ogre.
  • Has athletes foot.
  • Doesn't know how to differentiate UGLY from PRETTY.
  • Have ugly partners.

People who opt for Havaianas on the other hand:

  • Wants to belong to the 200 zillion people wearing Havaianas.
  • Has perfect feet (at least according to them)
  • Confident about the shape of their feet.
  • Doesn't have enough money to buy a proper shoe.
  • A beach bum.
  • Below 35 years old.
  • Has blisters in between their toes. Ewww.
  • Have beautiful partners. (I dont know how I came up with this idea!)

Oh well I prolly wasted your time. Hahahahaha! Bottom line. I hate Crocs. They remind me of a cropped wellies with ugly perforations. I adore Havaianas though. I have like 3 pairs and they are so comfortable. The rubber material is so soft compared to other flip flops in the market. Havaianas should pay me big bucks for this hahahaha! Mwahugz!

Tell me, where will your feet lead you? Email at or just post a comment on the comment page.


letlet said...

definitely havaianas! i'm an addict!

undeserving said...

me too!!!! i so love havaianas!!!
I eat them for breakfast!