Thursday, January 25, 2007

Side Dish Courtesy Of Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson: This should do it. I know Nick couldn't resist my wonder twins especially if he sees it like this. What does that Vanessa Hohillo have that I don't? I have breast that can stop the war in Iraq.
Why I would do anything, everything just to have Nick back! I would even drown and orphan just to have him by my side again! I haven't had SEX in like months now and I miss Nick pushing his hard manhood on me while singin "THE HARDEST THING".

Never mind John (Mayer).
He can only sing "MY BODY IS A WONDERLAND", as if comparing my body to an amusement park is FUNNY.

This is just between us---I think John is GAY. Sshhh... You might say his hand on that photo was reaching for my boobies? No no no! He's actually feeling the quality of my dress. He can actually tell who the designer was.

I mean no straight guy would know that right?

Just a secret. It's not a PUBLIC AFFAIR ok? Cheers!

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