Friday, January 12, 2007

To Be Frank Ms. Franklin...

To be frank Ms. Aretha Franklin---I still can't believe my eyes when I saw this photo of yours. I mean, with all due respect, YOU are the Queen of Soul. But why oh why, do you have to bare your "soul" to us in this-I dont even know what it is- DRESS. Do you think that by wearing pearls, it will divert our eyes to the colossal twin of talents that you possess...

And what's that, do I see a troop of, ugh "blackheads" on your mammaries? Sure you got great voice, but once onstage, people can't help but to ignore the Voice once the jugs gets juggling.
And what is that I see atop the decolletage'? A brooch that mimics her nipples?

I wanna go out and shoot something.

I feel sad for the straps that support those herculean hobos.

And to the designer of the dress.
Thank you. For using only the finest, industrial grade materials, for Ms. Franklin's dress. Atleast her fans would be protected form the horrifying probability of her boobies being exposed, and scarring us, and the generations after us... for life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

omigod!!!! was that really aretha franklin? i thought they were gargantuan mammary glands trying in vain to assume a human form. ewwww!!!!