Friday, January 12, 2007

Hollywood Power Toys! I Likey Likey!

Some of Hollywoods Power Toys. Some sort of status symbol for the A-listers of Tinseltown. Some are downright silly, but oh-so expensivo!


IWC watches. The sleek Portuguese Automatic runs on the flick of a wrist (literally - it winds each time you move; unworn, it keeps ticking for a week). Warner Bros. execs and actors such as Orlando Bloom sport them. $10,400

Well, guys have more reason to "flick their wrists" more often. Not just by wasting their precious juices from time to time.

Persol sunglasses. Alec Baldwin and Danjaq's Keith Snelgrove pop out the dark lenses and use the frame to hold prescription glasses. Jack Nicholson wears them as shades, indoors and out. $159

Motorola Miniblue headset. This hands-free wireless Bluetooth headset - due out in a few months - fits neatly inside the ear. A built-in microphone tunes out background noise and allows you to talk on your cellphone from up to 30 feet away. Comes with a three-inch-long portable charger.

Now there's a new reason why ears were created aside from being earwax containers.

Jennifer Meyer jewelry. The stylish designs from the daughter of Universal Studios president and COO Ron Meyer have been scooped up by agents and execs at CAA. Her latest creations, 18kt-gold bangles accented with diamonds, add some shine to Jennifer Aniston's wrist. $1,100 each

With these bangles, women have more options on where they can slip their fingers in.

Diamond iPod Nano case. The secret downside to iPod Nanos is how fingerprint-coated they get the moment you handle them. What better way to protect it and guarantee that like-new gleam than by covering it in diamonds? Created as a promotion for the International Gem and Jewelry Show, this is one sparkly case-it's made of white gold set with over 580 diamonds (10.32 carats total). Shiny! $12,495

Who cares about the Nano anymore. Give me some of that bling cases and I'll barter my Nano anytime without batting an eyelash.

Blackberry cover. Let's start with the Blackberry. We know you're addicted to it, we know it's indispensable, but unlike most tech toys you can't show off your superior taste by sporting a cool new style-they all look pretty much the same. There are lots of cases out there, but for the best and most beautiful, turn to Dunhill, which offers everything from crocodile to ostrich foot to shagreen, the pebbly grey skin of stingrays. The latter is truly stunning, and will add a dash of 50s flair to your day-to-day routine. (Dunhill also has a case for PSP game systems, in case you'd rather shoot baddies than check email.) $1135

One of the reasons why stingrays plotted revenge on humans. Even Steve Irwin (RIP) had to suffer for this. Imagine being skinned just so you can have luxurious cases for blackberry. Why can't they make cases made out of scrotum??

Jimmy Choo pumps. Angelina Jolie has the Empire heels (left, in leopard-print calf hair; $520) in a variety of heights. The four-inch Merrit (right, in tan leather; $485) seamlessly morphs from business professional to sexy evening, making it the industry standard.

All the more reason for cheating husbands to fear their wives. One strike of these potent pointed pickers and I'm pretty sure even the horniest man will change their sinful ways and repent with open arms and on bended knees.

Motorola Q. The Sundance set got a preview of the Q, a super-skinny phone/e-mail device and one of the first instruments to run on Windows 5.0. It debuts in the next few weeks and comes stocked with Bluetooth, camera, video, and MP3 capability.

Oh what a nice looking calculator! What??!! It isn't? oh ok...

Empty Vase flowers. This florist makes regular deliveries for ICM and brings arrangements to names like Jennifer Lopez and Hollywood heavyweight Sam Nazarian, who gets orchids at home every week. $79, as shown;

Flowers! flowers! What are we without flowers! Where will the bees buzz without the flowers and it's oozing nectar!

Xbox 360 game system. Producers are addicted to its games, such as Halo, and even George Clooney was wait-listed for it. $399

I dont know what to say here. I'm not a techie person and I enjoy physical, realistic games, say like, horseplaying or butt-slapping or cock s***ing.

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