Saturday, January 20, 2007

Golden Globe Special: Kate Winslet

I dont know--but I think there is something eerily wrong with Kate Winslet's face. I mean the dress is nice and her figure is all woman--REAL woman if I may add. The hair is fabulous and the color fits perfectly with her skin tone.

But then again, there is something really odd and disturbing about the FACE. Something is androgenously wrong. Her face looks like a cross section of Brooke Shields during her blue Lagoon days and Jim Carrey as a Joker in that blockbuster poison Batman with George Clooney.

It must be the Frida Kalo-ish eyebrows, which I must say--was rather dark for her hair.
It could be the lips that looked like she had an all-day binge with red Japanese paper; or maybe her kid painted her mouth red while she was sleeping.

Over all, Kate Winslet did a great job. She's very pretty...or handsome.


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