Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ewww Stars Without Make Up Part II

Yes I know. Looking at the photos above would make you wonder if they are the celebrities that you look up to. given any other day, you could've mistaken them for the laundry woman, or the girl who dresses the chicken in the meat shop, why just by looking at Eva Longoria here makes me wanna throw her a coin and give her temporary shelter.

They looked messed up, beaten and downright ugly. But some of them look pretty okay sans the make up. Natural beauties like Mischa Barton, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Simpson still looks ravishing.

For the rest, I could just pray that they don't go wondering around in the night or they might give someone a fancy fright.

As illustrated below.

Hillary Duff. (I'm concerened about the shaved brows though.)

She looks so much like the beggar downtown... dreamgirl?! DREAM ON!

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