Monday, January 15, 2007

Ewww-Worthy Celebrity Of The Week

Oh Tara. I thought you've learned. Isnt tripping drunk on the alley, barfing your dinner onto someone and scaring kids with your botched stomach enough to learn your lesson. I mean having breasts that droop 2 centimetres every minute is bad enough, but looking like a flapper meets pornstar is worse. I mean if Jack the Ripper was alive, he'd prolly rip your chest and set you free from that--something--whatever it is in your chest.

Not unless he sees your Frankenstein-ish stomach. I'm sure he'd go running to the police for protection.

Honestly Tara, I liked you before. I even liked you here. Remember when you promised to stay sober and clean?

You look very very pretty here.

Honestly, you looked like Jenna Jameson's older sister in the first 2 photos, and please--oh sweet goodness-- spare us the feather headress. It's not fair that some bird suffered just to be on top of that hideous skanky extensions. Give them back to Britney where they rightfully belong.

The dress is pretty though. And the shoes.

Tara, just lay of from the booze and meth and you'd look fine. There is still time. As long as a certain Paris Hilton is alive, you still have the chance to redeem yourself

I just don't know bout the stomach.

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Anonymous said...

you're absolutely correct!
thumbs up!