Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Jodie Marsh (I think it's Nicole Richie post feeding and breast implants) models the latest in jewelry innovations.
She had it recently patented to complete the jewelry system that is the ring, bracelet and necklace.

And now we present to you the BREASTLACE.

It is made especially for formal gatherings such as weddings, which will surely change the way the "garter" is placed.
It is also appropriate for your first date, surely this will catch your date's attention and you'll be sure hes eyes will never EVER wander around other girls.

You can also wear this glamorous jewelry when you meet your future parents-in-law; or maybe when you go out and watch a basketball game or a movie.

This piece of classic jewelry can be worn anytime, anywhere even on your kids baptismal.

Call 1-800-SKANKYHO to order one!

If you call now, you might even get the complimentary vaginalace as a free gift so hurry!


Anonymous said...

is the 1-800 number here for real?...just curious..

unconfused said...

It's not real. You interested in getting a breastlace? I can make you a custom made one!jk!

Anonymous said...

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