Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hideosity Celebrity of the Week

Whitney Houston

Here she is munching on human flesh after her sanity has gone astray. Is she up for a major role for Apocalypto II rehearsing her lines? (flesh-eating). The role calls for atleast 2 months of no bodily contact with water of any form and as much smear of dirt as she can get.
Of course it wouldn't hurt that the former diva has been wasting away her once gorgeous and lithe body all this time even before role was offered. The casting calls for her to immediately lose weight at all cost. Crystal meth and coke was the first thing that popped in her mind, after all, doing coke and meth for a week straight will do the job perfectly.
Look at our PRIME example.
Of course having a hoarse, apocalyptically-errie voice should follow suit, and Whitney did the job with aplomb. Have you heard her sing recently?
It's like walrus sucking a penis.
A big fat, lazy, BROWN, coke-laden penis.
I believe this will be one of her life's greatest performance. Ewww.

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