Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tyra's Airing Out The Pits

Why, for the love of God would anyone as famous and rich as Tyra Banks would go out in public wearing a sleeveless top and an UNSHAVEN armpit? I mean I'm totally grossed out!

I love Tyra! Don't get me wrong. I love her style, her beauty and humour. But I don't like HAIRY, MOIST armpits with slather of deodorant cream on it even on my mom!

I mean she can buy a zillion shaver or razor or whatever! In fact she can even buy the ENTIRE razor company if she wants to!

To Tyra,

It would take only 5 minutes to quickly shave the pits. It doesn't have to necessarily look like someone's airing out an orangutan's vagina. 5 minutes only.


Girl Next Door.

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