Friday, January 19, 2007

Golden Globe Special: Cameron Diaz

See what you have done to Cammy, Justin? You broke her heart, and she is just a mess. I mean what could be the reason for her to wear a dress made out of bathroom tissue? But I salute Cameron for being such a brave little girl...ok she's not actually little. She's a giant actually...but I have to say that cause she's so broken hearted and she deserves a little pat on the back--if I can reach it btw.

She's not only brave, she's also practical. Of course she knows that 2 years worth of passionate relationship is not easy to forget. NEVER. So she wore something where she can just reach down and grab some tissue if she feels like sobbing or blowing her nose especially the fact that she and Justin are just arms away from each other during the Globes.

You can make it Cammy. You can get through this.

And please dye your hair blonde again.


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