Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Queen Of Snout

The Queen Of Pout Became The Queen Of Snout. According to the National Enquirer, the would be fashion guru for the anorexic population was allegedly chased by pigs.

Not by obese, anti-anorexia groups but by real, live HOGS.

"A source told the National Enquirer, 'Victoria was being shown around the
science lab when two pet pot-bellied pigs, who are allowed to roam free,
snuffled up to her.'
Instead of warming to the pigs and petting them, Posh
fled the scene with the source adding, 'She screamed, 'Get it away!', and tried
to run away in her high heels. It was hysterical, everyone was trying so hard
not to laugh.'
Don't try teaching pigs to pout Posh… "

Victoria Beckham's US visit didn't go as well as she'd have us all believe, after it was revealed she was the victim of a pig attack.
The incident happened when the Queen of Pout was viewing schools in LA for her three sons.
As she visited a science block in one school, a pack of pot belly pigs made a b-line for the would-be fashion guru.

How ironic, when I always thought that she looked like an emaciated pig herself. It's the NOSE Posh. Do something about that. We can see your actual BRAIN with those snouts. Not that there are a lot to begin with.


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