Friday, March 02, 2007

Jessica As Red Riding Hood

Here are some fabulous comments about Jessica Simpson's upcoming movie BLONDE AMBITION:

"This “movie” will be the final nail in this trash’s coffin/career. Can’t wait for this to come out so we can all move on and never have to see this bimbo again! Still can’t believe John Mayer is dating her. I just deleted all of his songs from my itunes library."

"First thing I thought when I saw those pics: Shirley Temple: The Whore Years."

"Hey, I just saw Jessica shooting that movie on 19th and 5th.I have a few pix, but don’t know how to post them…my thought about the movie idea - is it really called acting when a dumb blond plays a dumb blond? lol"

'"She is gorgeous. I’m sure this will get her an Academy Award."

"So banging Nick Lachey made her famous?"
"Man, who knew she had such squatty troll legs? She is pretty good at hiding them. "

"After updates on nicole richie and the bigot heiress who gets away with everything, i have to give jessie her props. at least she IS working, and isn’t famous just for being famous. I hope Ms. Simpson does well."

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