Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Sorry

Hi guys, I haven't been able to blog for sometime because of work. I was transferred to another site and therefore, I'm kind of adjusting to the new location. Plus the work is doubly hard so I might not be able to blog for a few days more...Add to that, my laptop just broke. So I'll talk to you soon...btw enjoy the archives for the meantime okay? I love you all!


jesiramoun said...

hullo cathy!
it's been quite a while, you havent like emailed me after i gave you the link of my blog...anyway, just days ago, here in the philippines, we just had the make your own havaianas event--it's soo cool that you can pick your choice of straps and sole and some studs and embellishents...and they'll assemble it right before your eyes..haha envy us! LOL

hope to hear from you soon!

rheiboy17 said...

kewl blogsite. got it from KC. i'll definitely visit this site often. will add you in my linkin park, hope you dont mind.

and ahh, your next post is way way overdue. keep on blogging.