Friday, March 02, 2007

Almost There Tara, Almost There

At a recent outing, Tara Reid was again, thank goodness, photographed looking like this. I think Tara is really trying hard to regain her lost career ( was there any in the first place?). She's looking mighty fine in her simple dress, complemented by a make up that enhances her best asset--her BOTCHED STOMACH AND GARGANTUAN BOOBS-- joke! I mean, her light blue sparkling eyes. Her skin was also fabulous and dewy, and unbelievably devoid of any age lines.

She was also photographed in a bikini and again for the first time, sometime last week--she didn't traumatize kids with her frankenstein stomach this time. Whoever's the doctor/miracle worker/messiah responsible for this miracle is beyond me, but he/she sure did a good job landscaping the un-landscapable. I have a feeling it was Madame Tussaud who did the job. It was a wax figure right?

Going back to the recent Tara Reid photo in a green dress, it was pretty alright, it fitted her perfectly, without squeezing her wax boobs to frankensteinish proportions--until you scroll down...

Does the lack of movie projects caused Tara to be so peniless that she had to recycle an old gown into a cocktail dress? And if she did why be so hasty not to even sew it properly? I mean look at the hemline of that dress. She just single-handedly destroyed the beauty of a gown and a cocktail dress simultaneously. It would have been great to see that dress full-length or just a little above her knees. It looked like the heavy curtain that opens whenever a play is about to start in a theater. I bet that play sucks.

But you're almost there Tara. Almost there.

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