Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mariah Mariah!!!

Help me, I wanna Fly like A Bird but I just cant coz this fat tummy of mine is dragging me to the ground!
Mariah has been called a lot of names. They are not at all pretty.

I want to stab something.

Fat cow, Ho, Whore, Sausage, Fat cow, Tranny, Pig, Fat cow, Mary Carey, Hippo...and oh, did I mention Fat cow?

Ok, I must admit, Mariah is not your most conservative dresser, and she has the affinity to clothes that strangely dissapear where clothes should be present in the first place.
She seemed to have developed an allergic reaction to fabric. Oh yeah, and of course Mariah, again, is not YOUR poster girl for anorexia considering she has curves that sometimes, tend to lean on the HEAVY side...
And if Mimi felt like wearing clothes, if you can call half a yard of stretchy, flimsy fabric as clothes btw, its more often than not that she wears something from the teen girls department. I often wonder how come she can sing all those ear-wax melting notes that even dolphins go gaga with, and I tried too hard, too hard in fact, to simulate that sound that now, I permanently ended with a voice that resembles that of a jumping, slimy wet amphibian.
I concluded that, if you wear clothes; tight, circulation-impeding clothes, like those that Mimi are so inlove to squeeze herself into, then you might, in my opinion, be able to sing those shattering notes.
I can just imagine the trial and tribulation Mimi and her stylist suffer everytime she has to squeeze in to adolescent clothings. Must be the reason while she's so diva late every time. I bet if my clothes were that tight, and my lungs will be squeezed to a handful, I would've spoken in that tweaky sounds too even if I dont need/want to.
Mimi represents everything that is KITSCHY. Her hair, her choice of clothing, e.g. heels and flimsy dresses in Aspen, pink UGG's butterflies galore.
Here's a pictionary of the Fashion Adventures of Mimi.
I never knew American street sweepers can look this fabulous. But do they really have to wear shirts that automatically rolls up to show your budgeoning belly?

Another innovative fashion statement from Mariah Carey. Extra large, Rosie o' Donell sweatshirt worn over the head, Russian cosmonauts boots and tight leggings and shirt. Again the obligatory dark shades is a must.

Of course the snow and cold weather can't stop our Diva from looking fabulous, the fact that her companions are freezing to death. It's all about the Diva attitude sistahs! Nevermind if her skin's about to crack open, and her hair falls frozen to the ground as long as she looks good with the obligatory stiletto, which Mimi proved to be useful to break ice during cocktails. The super dooper black shades that left her groping her way to wherever she's going. And of course not to mention the obligatory cleavage exposurre of the TWINS.

Come hell or high waters the BOOBS should show lest we forget that she has gargantuan boobs the size of a hybrid Hawaiian papaya. Mimi it seems, is always compelled to remind us that she has big juggies.

Mariah showing her long legs slim arms and chiseld facial features in a mini dress fashioned out from powdered glass under a cold January night during the New Years Celebration. Is she singing here or writhing in pain?

I still love her tho.

Mariah arrived at the Wish Night 2006 Gala wearing the most appropriate dress for the event honoring ermmm "children". Well they could at least learn from Aunt Mariah how to wear a short skirt with industrial strength tape on the hem.

Of course who would forget the Chanel dress Mariah wore during the Golden Globes. It was suppose to be sexy and haute couture, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. But somehow it ended up rather ill-fitting on Mariah. Satin, can be a very unforgiving fabric so to speak.

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Anonymous said...

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Mark attended the event with Mary, and that’s when he found out about the “True” Mary “Carey”. She had changed over the years, and was very much “into herself”, stuck up, snotty, and was not professional & intelligent like he had known her in the past to be.

At that time, in the limo to the awards show, is where she started telling Mark about her whole “Mariah Carey Obsession Thing”. She kept on saying, “Don’t I look more like Mariah now, I had my boobs done, do you like them”, “I hope she’s there, I can wait to see her, and hope we bump into her”.

Mark says, “She has always said to me that she compared herself to Mariah Carey”. She has said that she looks so much like her, and that’s why she calls herself “Mary Carey”. She told me, that she has said this in several adult entertainment magazines, as well as in the past, on her & other web-sites and Blogs.

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Mark thought that she was actually serious about her political ambitions, at that time, because Mary told him, that she wanted to “Stop doing what she was doing, and leave the whole porn thing & world, and wanted to go Mainstream like Mariah”.

6 to 9 months later Mary hired Mark to do some personal security & bodyguard work, as well as assist her with her personal matters & affairs at that time, as she was traveling throughout the country & across the world, doing feature & special personal appearances at several events. This turned out to be a strain on & where their friendship took a turn. Mary cancelled out at the last minute on Mark, as he was already at the airport, at the gate, and boarding his flight, to where she was at. This eventually cost him over $7,500.00 in “Out-of-Pocket” travel expenses, and costs that eventually became & is today, a legal battle, with two Civil Action Court Cases, being filed against her, and which are still pending, in Florida.

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Mark, at first said “Sure, Yeah” and invited her, until they could not get past & settle their legal issues & matters.

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