Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Celebrities Without Make-Up On (and a hairstylist, good lighting, airbrushing yadda yadda...)

Ever wake up one morning and felt like you were the fugliest creature ever created? Ever had a bad hair day where you just wanna slump in your bed and eat sunflower seeds all day long? If that's the case then here's something that will up your spirits... even Hollywood's perfect poster girls get the blues. Here are they are like you've never seen them before.

Is this really Renee Zellweger? Or is this Grumpy in the Disney animated Classic Snow White?

Penelope Cruz having a lock jaw.

This is a computer generated image of how Pam Anderson's gonna look like after 30 years...NOT!

It looks like Lisa Kudrow's mom apparently having a serious bout of diarrhea.

I still love her grumpy looking or a pretty woman!

She is still lovely no?

There goes granny. I always wondered why Goldie Hawn loves covering her face with bangs and wisps. This is the reason apparently.
Looks like she just woke up. Still pretty in my opinion.

She looks like Rosie O' Donnell here right?


ewwww... Justin Timberlake is bringing ACNE back...

No comment.

She looks like a dyke here. TOTALLY



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