Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Ewww Plantastic Celebrity #1

Amanda Lepore:

I bet you have heard of this plastic (literally) creature once in your lifetime. But who is Amanda Lepore really? She is a 75% percent latex/silicon and 25% percent biotic pussy flap rolled into one. If abusing lip collagen is a crime, Amanda Lepore would be serving life sentence.
I mean she has the lips to END all lips. Mick Jagger? Steven Tyler? Angelina Jolie? Eat your LIPS out! I mean in! Whatever.

Amanda Lepore is NYC's most famoust transexual. Ok let me explain what a transexual is for my less than intellectually fortunate readers. Transexuals are men who underwent operations to become a woman. The had their large cocks sliced and mutilated, had their balls sccoped out and their ball sacs rolled out to form the quintessential pussy flaps. That got me thinking if Paris Hilton has pussy folds made out of rolled ball sacs. I mean she's like a white gurl and all but her vagina is rather dark for skin you know. Oh well, the law of friction, the more you rub, the darker it gets.

going back to Amanda, sure she looks weird and all, and her breasts are as perky as Mt Fuji. I mean I'd sell my soul if I'm like 100 years old and I still have the breasts Scarlet Johansson right? But Amanda is still an eccentric, fabulous, science-fiction character with 350 and a half cosmetic surgeries under her belt, over her hat, inside her esophagus and wherever else you can imagine. Of course, again, the gravity defying water balloon excuse of a boobs is no exception.

Anyhoo, here is the fantabulous Amanda Lepore! Enjoy before she melts!

Amanda Lepore as the Pink Panther (plastic style) who is in dire need of a pink Panty.

Xtina Aguilera is that you???

Amanda Lepore imitating a Volkswagen Beetle.

Amanda Lepore as Santa Claus gone goulishly gay!

Look at me! I'm telling you look at me! Straight in the eye!!!!!

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duhster said...

yuck! that really his croch?
looks like a slug to me...
love scarlet though,isn't she gorgeous?!
au re voir!