Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ewww Moments Hollywood Style

A photo album of the most embarassing moments in Hollywood history. With special commentaries by the fabulous Ewww Factor Girl. ( Lots of puke-inducing photos so plastic bags are recommended) Read on:

Lindsay Lohan allegedly caught giving head to an obviously nervous hunk. I'm not sure if he's scared as shit that he will be caught with his pants down (nevermind if it's the freaking friday freckled fug Lindsay blowing him) or he's terrified he's get oral herpes from the slut of the moment. Ewww.

Paris Hilton's nipple saying hello to the paparazzi (or booing them away whichever is scarier). Say hello to one of the Olsen twins.
Fergi of the Black Eyed Peas wetting herself with what appears to be as urine. But I don't believe it, maybe a large portion of her sweat glands is situated between her legs, making her labia spew water like mad. Whatever.

Tara Reid's amazing boob job. At a party hosted by P. Diddy in Cipriani, one of Tara Reid's jugs showed up uninvited infront of all the world to see. Never mind that it actually looked like a tongue with a hole in the middle ( a cow's). Apparently she was too drunk to even notice that. Ewww. Please make it go away!
Tara Reid isn't only famous by being the poster girl of BAD GIRLS WITH BAD BOOB JOBS. she also has the most interesting liposuction done on her tummy. Let the photo speak for itself. (yes that is Tara Reid not her grandmother). A beautiful diva with a voice that just wont quit. She represented the voice of the 80's.
Now 2 decades later, with a jobless, talent-less husband; coke and meth for breakfast and sex toys for recreation, let me present to you Whitney Houston!

(more to come so check out for updates!)

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