Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breaking Ewww News: Britney Spears Shows Us her Pussycat!

I imagine this is the effect of having a new sexy bod, being divorced from your loser husband and hanging out with Paris Hilton. I guess Paris taught Britney how to grab some media attention!
Is it only me who thinks that her pussy willow cocktail is "cuter" to look at compared to the grotesque loose flaps that is Paris Hilton's used and abused orifice? Atleast Britney looks like a cuddly, soft piglet's vagina, to think she had two midgets posing as babies who came out of that opening as opposed to Paris' hairy horror. It just goes to show that vaginas are also capable of being calloused if used with different tools.
Check it out. But I'm teling you, you could get serious eye damage here!

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